Photo Album

Some current pictures and memories of the cabin.
This is the group at the work party in 2013.

The old fireplace, which was a 55 gallon drum turned on it's side that was converted to a fireplace by adding a door, feet, and a chimney. It was a testament to the ingenuity of the people of the greatest generation that brought the cabin to it's current location.

The new fireplace that was installed at the 2016 fall work party.
Betty is nice and cozy in front of the fire!

David Stolp, President & Kurt Krzyzopolski, Treasurer in front of the Camp Glenwood sign.
Camp Glenwood, est. 1596

Jen & Sierra mixing mortar mix to lay the bricks for the hearth for the new fireplace.

View of a beautiful rainbow from the cabin.

The water tank that supplies water to the cabin.
The water is not potable and must be boiled prior to consumption.

The front of the cabin.

A visitor from the local forest. Please watch out for them when visiting the cabin!

Nice view of the cabin from a nearby ridge.

Front of the cabin with the flag at half-staff...

Side of the cabin with the flag at half-staff...

Mr. Pierson, one of the founders of the cabin, at a work party.

Dave's office being renovated.

A nice view with a bit of snow on the ground.